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Is heavier real wood floor better?

<p>After outfit of network floor shop ends, be used to go to the lavatory and maintain, floor of outfit carpet, Pvc must be laid above or other ground material. The ground material of different color style is tie-in,replace timber deck floor board  the store that can reach special harmony installs the effect. </p>

<p>A, anti-static office carpet characteristic: Use range is wide, be able to bear or endure dirty, cost is low. </p>

<p>Stick to be being spread directly in the computer room antistatic carpet, when to notice: </p>

<p>1. is anti-static of carp-Antista tithe meaning is above when walking,supplier for plastic flooring in philippines  pressure ratio of report of the report since attrition is inferior of about hundreds of volt is anti-static of the Floo-Antista tithe meaning is to stick face resistor to just arrives iof 10 between Fang Zhi, can guide electrostatic. Both idea is different. </p>

<p>2. is anti static carpet can be used in office division only, match with network floor or al1 stick-up. The computer room had better be used the antistatic floor, and need not anti static carpet. </p>

<p>3. is anti static carpet depends on than the advantage of common carpet,wood finish plastic floor tiles  voltage having report is low, won't damage; to clear easily to doing postulated to be caused fully beautiful of effect of; shop outfit. </p>

<p>Floor of B, Pvc (sheet or roll material) characteristic: Colour and lustre performance of downy, anti static, wear-resisting is good</p>

<p>Material of ground of C, other if circuit is updated not frequent,how build benches with composite lumber  also can consider to use the other ground data such as wooden floor. Characteristic: High-grade, wearability.</p>

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