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<p>introduce the old ship wood furniture maintenance, we hope to understand the ancient boat with help. If you want to know more of the boat wood furniture knowledge, welcome attention to the house decoration network.There are a lot of wood flooring materials, wood is one of the most ancient ship. How old wooden floor? What are the characteristics? What are the requirements for maintenance? </p>
<p>Xiaobian a look below. How about a boat, wooden floor? Boat wood floor not only ordinary floor beautiful, classical and insect anti-corrosion effect is much more ancient boat, from geomantic perspective, after the strong wind and big waves can also boat wood talisman, and ancient wood floors are artificial build fully in line with the theme of environmental protection for the family decoration good material. Old </p>
<p>ship wood floor Guizhen plain, otherworldly. In style, ancient wood flooring and other wood floor style be quite different, but definitely not the pursuit of modernity, but abandoned in the creative and production on the previous style, a faction. Two, floor 1, boat wood with wood. As the foundation, it does not destroy the original shape, the production of pure manual, to reflect the characteristics and </p>
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