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retardant wood, and both sides

<p>white electrostatic polishing towel or dry cloth with an electrostatic mop and mop it up and down for at least three times. The more polished it is, the brighter it will be. Pay special attention to the floor seams and the purpose of rubbing the floor to allow the wax to penetrate the wood. When to use static cloth polishing sideways seam drag, not to go barefoot. 6.: the electrostatic mop comprises 3 pieces of cloth, </p>
<p>the white towel used for electrostatic polishing, precision polishing oil, it can also be used as daily cleaning. Blue is the waxing towel for fiber, so you can not waste your oil by waxing it with this cloth. Yellow (or white) color is 100 clean cloth, not for floor, used for cleaning windows, hearth, floor tiles, etc., simple and convenient. The above content is play for wood wax introduce how to use, I hope useful for </p>
<p>everyone. If you need to know more knowledge of fine wood oil, welcome attention to the house decoration network.Floor used for a long time, it will inevitably lose luster, if you want to maintain the floor as bright as new, longer life, floor wax and wood oil is a good choice. Wood floor wax oil and what is the difference? Which is better? Please look at the small text analysis. 1: what is the wood wax? Answer: </p>
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