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Large equipment transport

In line with the new national standard landing and remediation freight market chaos, "rule super new regulations", "a four fine" and other provisions strictly enforced. Around the road freight handling super-new regulations to implement quickly and out of the ticket, governance has become a thunder of the trend, and in this rule over tide, large equipment, milling machine, where to go from where?

 Ministry of Transport and other departments announced on the 18th for the illegal conversion of trucks and overrun supervision work of the two documents, put forward to prevent the illegal conversion of trucks phenomenon, and strive to eliminate the highway and the provincial trunk road overload overrun.

Overloading of goods vehicles, resulting in road traffic safety hazards, serious interference with the road transport market order. What are the new regulations introduced? Can change the truck driver "do not make money" And in this rule over the tide, and in this rule over the tide, the large equipment mill how to transport from where? In the face of different opinions, Xiao Bian that the market will give its answer.

   Zenith Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of powder equipment industry in China. It is a professional manufacturer of professional development, design and production of grinding, crushing and ultrafine grinding equipment. Zenith has more than 20 patents, with independent export rights, is the major domestic powder equipment manufacturing enterprises and export base.

   Regardless of the "rule super new regulations" how to provide, Zenith will also strive to provide customers with the best quality service. Zenith production of the mill in the market reputation good, high customer satisfaction, is your trusted brand of mine equipment manufacturers. For the majority of powder processing customers with Ore Milling Equipment , Raymond Mill, ring roller mill, ultra-fine grinding mill, ultra-fine ring roller mill, large and small Raymond Mill and other milling equipment. In addition, we also provide incoming testing of the service, welcome customers to visit the factory, guidance. Guilin Marketing Department Order Hotline:.

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