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<p>inorganic materials, plant fiber and other natural materials, radioactive far below the national standard, environmental protection in line with state requirements, is a national policy to encourage new products. What is the magnesium tank wooden sound-absorbing board? I believe that through the above described, everyone on the magnesium tank wood sound-absorbing board is no longer strange it! If you want </p>
<p>to know more magnesium groove wood panels, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Composite wood panels by groove finishes, core material, acoustic felt composition, in the positive plate slot, the resonance sound absorbing material on the back of the perforation, has the characteristics of light weight, no deformation, high strength, beautiful appearance, good decorative effect, </p>
<p>strong sense of three-dimensional, convenient installation. Here I come to a detailed understanding of composite groove wood sound absorbing board characteristics and scope of adaptation. First, the composite groove wooden sound-absorbing board features 1, with light material, constant type, high strength, beautiful appearance, elegant color and luster, good decorative effect, strong sense of three-</p>
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