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laminate flooring quickly became

<p>more than 300 related enterprises,<a href=''>composite flower box plans</a> with an annual output capacity of 150 million square meters , Employing more than 30,000 people. At present, the town of laminate flooring has occupied more than 45% of the country's market share, and exports of 85 countries and regions last year, total exports of 18 million square meters, accounting for one-third of the country's total exports, decorative vinyl fence panelsbut also to China from 10 A year ago, a purely importing country of laminate flooring quickly became an exporter. At present, a laminate flooring brand strategy has been started in the cross-Lin, a number of products have access to the "national Mianjian", Jiangsu </p>
<p>Province, "brand-name products" and "famous trademark" and other honorary titles. Horizontal forest wood floor, furniture, flooring industry service area 3 major industrial cluster development plan has been in the approval stage,<a href=''>making a pergola with recycling</a> its purpose is to strengthen the industrial construction at the same time, for investment and lay a good foundation.what is the best composite decking made Henglin will speed up the pace of cooperation with scientific research institutes to enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises, in the national flooring, furniture production base on the basis of further become related industries R & D center and information center. Buy a patent? Or </p>
<p>independent innovation? Companies will not "sit still" Recently, a message from the United States so many people heavy heart: around the floor lock technology infringement launched the United States 337 investigation finals:<a href=''>cheap soft outdoor flooring</a> the US International Trade Commission (ITC) identified 38 global The lawsuit infringement of the flooring was sold in the United States, and a general exclusion order was issued.3 4 inch tongue and groove decking Noon, the US Customs will be in accordance with the requirements of the restrictions related to the import of products. In the "China Composite Flooring Capital" Changzhou, this decision caused by the shock wave is even greater - not only </p>

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