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Mine dust standards

The so-called "three simultaneous", that is, the construction project safety facilities, must be designed with the main project at the same time construction, while production and use. Mine environment "three simultaneous" requirement that is, the implementation of pollution prevention and control measures, the implementation of mine dust prevention and control work, mine dust discharge standard selection Welcome to buy Ore Milling Equipment

Environmental protection construction standards

The implementation of environmental impact assessment and the "three simultaneous" system, the implementation of pollution prevention measures, the establishment of environmental pollution accident contingency plans.

The implementation of mine dust control work, mine dust discharge standards, mine dust concentration (TSP) less than or equal to 1mg / m3.

Mining area to achieve the main transport road hardening, promote the use of belt conveyor corridor, reduce vehicle transport, take effective dust control measures, ore transport vehicles away from the mining area for cleaning, mining atmospheric quality in line with GB3095 requirements.

Mine and mining around the noise emissions in line with GB12348 requirements.

Mining area, processing area, transportation system, office area, living area and terminal area to achieve clean, green, landscaping, green coverage can reach the area of ​​more than 80% of the area.

The office area, the living area and the terminal area have perfect living sewage and garbage disposal facilities.

Terminal construction of "three-star" or more.

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