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Aaron Rodgers eyes Brady's archetypal for titles, longevity

Much has been fabricated of Tom Brady's contempo access into the 40 club (not to be abashed with a assertive rapper's alternation of sports confined and lounges), his austere diet and his admiration to play able-bodied above the amusing norm.

Add Aaron Rodgers to that group.

Rodgers told The MMQB's Peter King he intends to play "another seven, eight, nine, 10 years," King wrote in his Monday column.

It's not all that appropriate of a acknowledgment for one of the game's greatest competitors at the sport's able level, but it came with accession absorbing tidbit about Blooming Bay's timeframe of contention. It aswell sheds a little ablaze on who Rodgers acceptable considers to be his greatest adversary.

"I anticipate what we've done the endure eight years authoritative the playoffs, there's alone a brace added teams that accept anytime done that," Rodgers told King. "New England, actually, currently is on the aforementioned band as us, authoritative the playoff for eight beeline years. That's boxy to do, abnormally with the adequation of this alliance and how they brace up analysis champions anniversary year to play anniversary added in the aforementioned conference. We've abiding success, we just haven't abiding it on the top level. ...

"I don't feel like our window is closing here. I feel like this window is traveling to be accessible for a while. And in adjustment for some of that being to go away, the alfresco noise, we're traveling to accept to win accession Super Bowl. It would be black if we were alone able to win one in my time here. Hopefully we can get one of those done."

Roster about-face is an anniversary given, but a quarterback like Rodgers serves as a window prop, reliable through rain, barrage or snow. If one is acceptable and gives Rodgers the Brady timeline, that window stays accessible for accession six years. Affluence of teams would advertise the acreage for that aeon of abeyant success. Accepted administrator Ted Thompson even stepped out of his carapace this able offseason to accompany in a brace of key players via chargeless agency, something he and the Packers rarely do.

The Packers aswell saw affluence of aptitude leave in the offseason. Blooming Bay has managed to be consistently aggressive in the Rodgers era, with a acceptable aggregate of acclaim due to the quarterback. How abundant aptitude he has to plan with aswell plays a part.

Then again, if you accept the guy beneath center, you're already center there in the NFL. Attending at Brady, who benefitted from a absurd aegis aboriginal in his career and has begin constant success no amount who has abounding the accomplished positions. Rodgers even mentioned Brady in King's piece, adage he told the ancient passer that he looks like he's accepting bigger with age, and like Brady has aswell paid afterpiece absorption to his diet as he's gotten older. Brady should advertise his alignment in a amalgamation plan (oh wait, he already does).

Rodgers is 2-for-2 in the predictions class (see: "R-E-L-A-X," "run the table"). If he nails this one, Blooming Bay can achieve in for accession decade of football prosperity. Accession Lombardi isn't guaranteed, though.

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