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Powder mill

What is the standard of wear and tear for the powder mill? To what extent can be considered scrapped? This is a lot of problems with the use of mill manufacturers are concerned about.

Mineral powder, marble, talc, gypsum, kaolin, bentonite, phosphate rock, manganese ore, granite, calcite, Iron ore, glass, ceramics, activated carbon, carbon black, refractory materials, insulation materials, chemical raw materials such as Mohs hardness of not more than 7, humidity below 6% of more than 300 kinds of non-flammable and explosive materials for milling, Finished grain size 30-325 mesh can be adjusted (the smallest 600 mesh).

Micro-powder Ore Milling Equipment  work principle to be processed into the host after the grinding room, the spindle rotation due to the role of centrifugal force, the roller swing out, squeezed in the grinding ring, the blade will be shovel material sent to the grinding roller and grinding ring , With the rotation of the roller to achieve grinding, grinding purposes. Material grinding, the powder with the blower circulating air through the analysis machine for sorting, fineness of the material back to the grinding room grinding, qualified fine powder with the air into the whirlpool collector, the powder tube discharge is finished The The air flow through the cyclone collector and then into the blower to form a closed loop, so that the machine continuous normal work. Yu Feng is through the extra duct into the dust collector after purification by the machine outside the machine.

Micro-grinding use a long time, there will be wear and tear, wear to a certain extent, it is necessary to replace the wear parts, otherwise it will have a greater risk of milling equipment. Here for everyone to explain the wear and tear of the micro-grinding standards:

1. Two bearing base on the same surface in the surface, the hollow shaft surface of the groove, mark or its inner surface on the local wear through the hollow shaft deformation, cracks, etc. should be replaced.

2. The deformation of the ringing ring should not be greater than 7.5mm.

3. The wear of the pinion surface should not be greater than 30% of the tooth thickness, large tooth ring tooth surface wear is greater than 25% of the tooth thickness, can be used in the back, grinding to 1/2 should be scrapped.

4. Bearing wear is greater than its thickness of 1/3, the laboratory micro-grinding.

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