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laminate flooring enterprises are mainly concentrated

<p>the early 90s popular computer console to the modern office furniture, Gangmu furniture, has gone through more than ten years of wind and rain history, now has more than 80 furniture production enterprises,<a href=''>how to increase the height of a fence austria</a> Output value exceeded 20 billion, especially in the office, metal furniture, the formation of a solid industrial base. Constantly solid "family property", so that people are full of hope for a better future hope. Under the guidance of the government of the Party committee of Henglin, Changzhou City Flooring Association and Henglin Furniture Association have been set up in the town. composite wood decking wholesaleAt the same time, Changzhou New Decoration Materials </p>
<p>Productivity Promotion Center and Changzhou City Floor Furniture Testing Center have also been successfully built. As a town-level industrial planning, cross-Lin's handwriting is quite different: <a href=''>garage flooring australia</a>the two major industrial clusters planning up to 5000 acres, a total investment of 10.2 billion yuan, of which furniture industry investment 5.65 billion yuan, flooring industry investment 4 billion yuan, simultaneous 1150 acres of infrastructure land, the total investment will reach 5.75 billion yuan. Two domestic first-class, the world's leading industrial concentration area,composite black privacy fence become the main carrier of Henglin bigger and stronger. The original town of North </p>
<p>Industrial Park is to adjust and optimize the functional division, around the floor, the new decoration materials investment construction, and strive to fight the town's economic development leader;<a href=''>raised deck designs</a> and Jiangsu International Furniture Park will be brand furniture terminal enterprises as the main, the implementation of China's only overall Intensive management form, the simultaneous introduction of 2-3 sets of international standards of furniture manufacturing enterprises,privacy fence panels discounted driven by the overall upgrading of Henglin furniture industry, leading to the international furniture industry to enter the high level of "club" to become the province's largest </p>

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