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floor is better

Cons: Less than 1 the wear resistance of laminate flooring; 2 Price is high; And because high technological requirements, complex structure, and its quality is quite different, the intrinsic quality is not easy to identify.Winter is in the Tai leng, many families in the decoration of the time they choose to lay the ground warm.
It's a Bu, some people say that the floor brick is hot fast, in case the warm pipe is broken, it has to smash the brick, the wood floor, convenient,It is a slow heat conduction, the effect of heating is not as fast as the floor brick.So this time the difficult problem also makes the tangled star man puzzled, so the warm on the floor is a floor or paved the floor brick?
1, the floor. The floor is better than the floor, good insulation.It means that the home room with the floor to choose the floor needs a long "warm-up"to slow the temperature.But the balance of temperature, excellent heat preservation, more moderate, not fits and starts, they will feel warm than the floor.
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