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Derek floor of the move

<p>Han Mingqing always stressed Point, "to know, Derek floor of the move, absolutely not in the show, but not speculation, is heavily armed to resist this bad phenomenon. Intellectual property,<a href="">three floor wooden garden fence</a><br/> must be respected, the Chinese flooring industry, in the international trade community has been blood The 97th China Export Commodities Fair opened in Guangzhou yesterday, the Suzhou trading group organized a large pavilion to participate in the first day of easy to pass, which Del floor became the largest One of the highlights. In the garden-style booth,Composite Decking for Sale Australia the Dell floor of the new products to attract Russia, the United States, Argentina and other </p>
<p>countries more than 10 countries business vision, the day the order that exceeded one million US dollars. Relying on the Yangtze River Delta integration process,<a href="">Build Backyard Flooring Ideas</a> with the eastern part of Changzhou port location advantages, horizontal forest floor and furniture, two new industrial clusters of blueprint has been vividly on the paper. Recently, the two major industrial clusters development plan was approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, becoming the Yancheng stainless steel, Yangzhou hotel appliances, Suzhou Silk, Zou District lamps,plastic used for building walls the province's fifth into the provincial key industrial development planning </p>
<p>projects. With the "China to strengthen the wood floor of the capital" Wenda industry in the industry has become the country's largest production and sales base,<a href="">84 lumber cable railing</a><br/> the town has a total of more than 130 laminate flooring business, more than 300 related enterprises, with an annual output capacity of 150 million Square meters, the current town of laminate flooring has accounted for more than 45% of the country's market share, and exports of 85 countries and regions last year, total exports of 18 million square meters, accounting for one-third of the country's total exports;problems with composite tongue and groove The earliest rise of the traditional industries, Henglin furniture industry from </p>

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