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Cone crusher bearing

The installation of the thrust bearing of the Sand Making Machine
  ensures that the installation accuracy of the thrust bearing on the cone crusher is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the crusher. Installation can be done as follows:
(1) The installation of urging uranium shall be consistent with the order of contact with each other during grinding.
(2) first three-jaw garden board placed in the bottom cover should be smooth, if the bottom cover with cast burrs and the remaining type of sand to clean up, and then poured into the oil just to the three-jaw garden flat on the plane To detect whether it is smooth. Detection of spreads available in the three-jaw garden around the gently blow, if the oil from the garden garden outside the splash is to prove that the three-jaw garden and the bottom cover is still between the gap, should be re-cleaned and repaired.
(3) followed by the central plate and the garden in turn installed, the detection method can still use the above method.
(4) the final installation of empty eccentric mandrel, spherical tile and spindle. When the hollow eccentric shaft is hoisted, the large gear counterweight should be placed above the bevel gear so that the outer edge of the bevel gear is aligned. After the spherical tile is installed, the spherical bearing seat and the frame should be used as much as possible with the interference fit. During the measurement of three data: the cone umbrella teeth gap a; spindle and the gap between the sleeve b; empty eccentric shaft
Face and the bottom of the spherical tile

(5) Based on the above three data to consider the installation of the cone bearing the gap, that is, three-jaw disk and the bottom of the machine to determine the location. The gap sheet is made of ordinary board, but as far as possible to avoid the use of steel plate stacking to complete. If the gap is greater than 3. 5mm or more, consider the bottom cover and the frame connection to reduce the thickness of the gasket or directly reduce the overall height of the bottom cover itself, according to field experience....

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