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How does the small hole above the floor?

<p>The care and maintenance that solid wood join floor board is gotten simply at real wood floor relatively much, mix in daily use the following should notice in maintaining: </p>
<p>1. Retaifloor board dry, clean, the mop that does not allow to uswater pullfloor board, or brush the ground with buck, suds, lest destroy the burnish of paint surface; If the home is hollow gas is dry,buy fence from china pull cloth bufew wetter owater is put on central heating or add with humidifier wet. </p>
<p>2. Avoid sunshine to insolate as far as possible,composite subfloor decking material lest the surface paints ageing, craze shifts to an earlier date folong time below the illuminate in ultraviolet ray; </p>
<p>3. Local board face is inadvertenoccupy smeary mark to should keep clear of in time, if have smeary, usable dishcloth dips ifew washing powder swab Wen Shuizhan, if medicaments or dye, if try before woodiness surface layer,durable plastic wood decking dealers must keep clear of in smear end ooze. </p>
<p>4. The floor avoids to be contacted for long with water as far as possible, cannot contact with hot water especially, accordingly, once hot water is scattered on the floor, want to be wiped in time; </p>
<p>5. Best evermonths hit candle, before waxing, want to clear the besmirch of floor surface clean. Do not hit actually also but, but often hit dried meat, what can retaifloor board is bright and clean degree,composite fence panels horizontal prolong the service life of the floor. </p>
<p>6. Avoid area of acerb implements cut, do not throw butt on the floor or set too very hot thing directly, avoid to procrastinate as far as possible move heavy furniture. </p>

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