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wood floor of its life how

<p>should be more tragic, to meet the individual needs of consumers of products, it should be said that the development of more space. To extend the life of the floor,<a href=''>wooden or composite deck</a> to save money for consumers Moderator: Finally, I would like to talk about Sina home and Dewei floor jointly organized by the "scars of the floor of the large raids" activities, activities so far have been more than a month, The effect and the feedback of the consumer how?deck boards around a corner Wu Wei: There are tens of thousands of pictures uploaded at present, from the effect of the reaction on the picture also verify the original intention of doing our activities, because the wood floor of its life how </p>
<p>long, mainly rely on the surface wear resistance. Normal wear resistance for the general life of 10-15 years, the current composite flooring from 1995 to enter the Chinese market to this year more than 10 years,<a href=''>horizontal wood panel wall</a> has never been verified, who do not know 10 years later in the end is how we Verify where the floor is easy to bad, find a way to overcome it, to solve it, so that the life of the floor to extend,composite decking material from south africa this is the original intention of our activities. The current picture is taken from the public places are more public use frequency and wear times than the family to large, mainly side, corner wear, from a large number of upload pictures, we get a </p>
<p>verification, that is, the edge of the floor is The most vulnerable to damage, if the edge of the problem is handled, to solve, so that the edge of the floor and the floor surface to achieve the same life,<a href=''>composite wood deck spain</a> the overall life of the floor will be extended. We launched the original intention of this event, is to let the people involved, the common appeal to many floor manufacturers to pay attention to and solve the problem of the edge of the floor,how to buld composite ranch fence so that the floor can be guaranteed the normal life of life for consumers to save money. Moderator: Due to the time, we are here today, the end of the interview, once again thank the total guest Sina. Recently, China's </p>

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