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flooring industry next year is really

<p>characteristics of Chinese consumers? Wu Wei: Some people say that no one can interpret Chinese consumers, it can only say that China's development is too fast,<a href="">two color wood decks</a><br/> China's cultural change from the culture to the development of too much, different consumption patterns and consumption levels in the same time period together to form A very complicated consumer state. But the mainstream consumer groups in China is still more pragmatic,outdoor deck resurfacing California pay attention to inexpensive, affordable, which is the mainstream of China's consumption, because after all, the majority of the working class is our main consumer. Moderator: This is just what we just said </p>
<p>that the pursuit of personalized demand for Dewei floor is contradictory, most of the mainstream are inexpensive pursuit. Wu Wei: inexpensive, in addition to cheap and beautiful,<a href=''>Insulating Exterior Doors With Side Panel Malta</a><br/> personalized is a way of the United States and the United States is not synonymous. Good products to be both affordable and beautiful, it will be the favor of consumers, will have a loyal consumer groups. Moderator: Olympic year is coming, all industries are more concerned about 2008, the flooring industry as a sponsor of the Olympic business. As Dewei floor,how to build a outdoor bench do you think the flooring industry next year is really able to catch the 2008 bus, the Olympic year </p>
<p>on the floor industry will not be affected? A lot of real estate CEOs next year is expected to be a relatively brutal year for the property, it will not affect the floor industry? <a href=''>Composite Railing and Gates</a><br/>Wu Wei: floor is always followed by the economy of the property to develop, is attached to the. Real estate development, the floor can be developed, the floor is installed in the house, if the real estate is not good, the floor is certainly not selling well. 2008 Olympic year,fireproof on composite deck the house sold well sell, the floor to sell well, it should be synchronized, the floor is always shop in the house. Moderator: 2008 competition will be more tragic? Wu Wei: homogenization of the product, it </p>

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