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wood flooring for ten years

<p>place, hope that they can have a breakthrough and development.<a href=''>curved wood deck stairs</a> Do you think that it is the bottleneck of preventing the development of their individuality or the use of technology as a core of enterprise development? Before chatting with the boss, they also want their own color, the technical breakthrough, the reason why they choose the concept of publicity, is also a helpless choice? Wu Wei: China has strengthened the development of wood flooring for ten years, the past 10 years, difference between hardwood and composite deck tilesdomestic enterprises have little core technology, independent research and development in the product is also no progress. At present, the domestic </p>
<p>flooring companies are doing their brains to do a slight difference, including marketing and product differences, not the essence of the floor to do a breakthrough,<a href=''>composite tiles outdoor singapore</a> but in the floor on the surface of a big fuss. For example, the surface or the bottom of the floor to add some of the material can be called "antibacterial floor", "Photocatalyst floor", "negative ion flooring", "sports floor" or "XX health floor" and so on. Put aside the essence of the floor,plastic porch flooring tongue and groove cleaning these practices we can understand the marketing of a tactic or conceptual propaganda, but from the enterprise point of view I think is the lack of attention to the nature of the floor and substantive </p>
<p>technical breakthroughs. I think this is a flooring business impetuous, quick success, deviation from the direction of the performance of enterprises to do so do not say for us, but one thing is certain, the floor of the R & D direction has deviated from the essence of the floor. What is the essence of the floor,<a href=''>composite wood gate slats for privacy</a> I talked about before, is to meet the different decorative space and the needs of different aesthetic taste. China's consumption is the mainstream of the pursuit of inexpensive Moderator: a lot of foreign products to China, followed by foreign models, often without success,cover deck systems pricing you do the floor for more than a decade, you feel what is the </p>

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