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Found super-large gold ore

Inner Mongolia today found more than 35 billion yuan of super-large gold ore, armed police force a corps two detachment recently in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hadamenggou proved a super-large gold mine. After expert verification, the deposit resources of more than 100 tons, Hadamenggou break 100 tons into a super-large gold mine. SBM round cone broken machine was excited, the election of gold equipment in the round cone broken stone is also an indispensable step, this time we can send a large Sand Making Machine .

Open pit mining is covered in the upper part of the ore body and its surrounding soil and the surrounding rock stripped, the waste stone transported to the dump, from the open ore body directly mining ore. When the ore body is buried shallow or the surface has outcrop, the application of open mining is superior to underground mining. SBM company's conical broken stone in the open mine in the second broken there is nothing wrong with the following we have a specific look at the second broken,

First, the rock blasting method: the essence of this method is the second large blasting rock blasting. Usually in the rock with a rock drill to play a blasting gun for charge blasting. When the joint comparison development, but also do not have to drill, and the explosives directly attached to the large surface, and then covered with guns to burst blasting, the amount of explosives for rock blasting 3 to 7 times, and poor security.
Second, broken stone machine: broken stone machine is the use of mechanical energy to break large pieces of rock equipment. Its core part is a mechanism similar to a shallow hole impactor, called a gravel. Crushing large pieces with crushing machines can reduce labor intensity. Improve operating conditions, improve the efficiency of broken pieces.
Third, the electric broken: the principle of electric broken, is the use of ore conductivity, the electrode added to the two points on the chunk to form the electrical pathways, resulting in heat, so that large rocks in the local expansion force under the action of rupture.

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