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crusher machine for data parameter details

Crushing method so far is mainly mechanical grinding. Its specifications and force characteristics, common construction waste crusher models can be divided into the jaw crusher, constructure waste crusher, roller crusher, counterattack crusher and hammer crusher etc.. Constructure waste crusher series according to the range of machine data parameters can be divided into coarse crushing, crushing and fine crushing three.

Construction waste crusher is also called the gyratory crusher, is the typical equipment of large mines to crush hard materials, but at present in non metal mine is rarely used; crushing and fine constructure waste crusher is also called poppet constructure waste crusher.Due to crushing cone movement is cyclic swing, broken so broken material machine model in the cone is performed continuously. This is a little different with jaw crusher.

The working principle and the cycles in the broken, fine constructure waste crusher type crusher are similar, according to the discharging port of the whole device and insurance in different ways, divided into spring constructure waste crusher and hydraulic constructure waste crusher. According to the medium crushing, fine constructure waste crusher type crushing cavity in different forms, can be divided into standard type (in broken), intermediate (crushing, fine crushing and the short head type (fine) with three important), different specifications in constructure waste crusher, constructure waste crusher models of broken cavity profile shape and constructure waste crusher type parallel with different length, standard shortest, the most long and short head.

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