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provincial wood flooring enterprises

<p>business. The province's total timber processing exports in the first half of this year, nearly 30 million US dollars, of which, Changzhou City, Henglin Town,<a href="">caravan metal steps and verandas</a><br/> exports reached 27 million US dollars. Most enterprises in the province do OEM business, the real own brand rarely. Not long ago, but also because of "lock patent" and other issues, Changzhou City Flooring Industry Association and the Canadian authorities have made a lawsuit, to restore some of the economic losses. [url= ]Application of WPC Products[/url]"But the two events, after all, only involved in a country, has not yet caused the province of the police alert." Yellow River wave reminded that soon after, the EU may </p>
<p>also be on China's lock wood flooring the same "treatment" Established, because the EU involved more countries, the province of many wood flooring OEM export enterprises will inevitably be hit hard.<a href="">pools with composite deck surround</a><br/> Provincial Intellectual Property Office of the relevant experts, the United States has invention patents, appearance patents and plant patents three, the patent is generally valid for 20 years. On this incident, the United States once the case investigation,best flooring for balcony Malaysia according to local law, China's products can not be exported to the country. Therefore, the provincial wood flooring enterprises in the export should be pre-discriminatory, the future target market </p>
<p>intellectual property situation to understand clearly,<a href=''>Deck Floor Board Price</a><br/> the new international technology do not blindly follow the trend, to avoid access to other people's "encirclement." Local Jinsheng, Red Sun and other decorative city of some wood flooring dealers that the incident in the short term on the sale price of wood flooring will not have an impact. But the export of wood flooring if long-term sanctions,Deck Benches With Backs will affect the future of domestic wood flooring production technology and quality. Recently, China Forest Products Industry Association, China Industry News Association to "China under the background of manufacturing, China's forestry industry </p>

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