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Reprocessing of tailings for milling equipment

The tailings treatment is one of the important aspects of the mine production process. In recent years, China's mining industry has accumulated over 6 billion tons of tailings each year, and this figure is still rising, forced by environmental and safety pressures, the reform of the traditional tailings surface storage, safety and occupation And many other issues, and constantly develop safe, efficient tailings processing of new technologies, imminent!

Tailings are not completely useless waste, after appropriate treatment, often containing other components can be used, can be comprehensive utilization. Most of the concentrator discharge and storage of tailings smaller granularity, the general tailings in the size of <0.074mm 50% to 70%. According to the differences in tailings particle size, tailings recovery investment capacity and processing output, etc., you can choose a different gravel mill for tailings treatment process. Crushed stone grinding machine is mainly for the mining equipment of the abandoned gravel and tailings for grinding, net election, recovery, recovery rate reached a new level, it is a stand-alone production, a unique way, can also be equipped with sand , Washing and other equipment, to maximize the savings of national mineral resources.

Grinding equipment to help tailor re-treatment, both "turning waste into treasure", but also effectively alleviate the resources and environmental pressures. The widespread application of Raymond Mill  in tailings treatment is of great significance to improve the utilization of mineral resources.

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