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wood flooring downstream of the production

<p>India, Iran, more than 10 countries, Canton Fair on a major bright spot.<a href=''>composite decking vs wood price</a> "The image of Dell's internationalization is an important factor in attracting us, but by comparison, let's decide whether to work with Del or the quality of the product," said the head of the Iranian McHayd Group, which ordered 30 containers of Del Dell's flooring. Our comparison is obvious. "In addition, the United States ITSimports company,composite decking borad shanghai seven trust the United States China trading company on the spot set up three containers, India diamondInternational company set up five containers. "Dell has a world superstar as a backup, to us these international buyers bring great joy, </p>
<p>changed our impression of low-end image of Chinese products." Many foreign businessmen so praise Del floor. 17 Chinese wood flooring business exports suffered 337 lock patent crisis,<a href=''>putting a deck around an above ground pool</a> once the patent infringement was established, the domestic wood flooring industry will be hit by the whole. So, the 17 companies responding to whether there are wood flooring enterprises in Jiangsu? Domestic wood flooring enterprises in the future how to avoid such export crisis?veranda decking prices Is the sale price of the wood flooring downstream of the production chain so affected? Reporters on this interview with the relevant people. "So far, there are no Jiangsu </p>
<p>enterprises in the US patent crisis, but Jiangsu Province, the production and sales of wood flooring (including exports) accounted for 40% of the national market share,<a href=''>best deal on composite deck</a> Jiangsu wood flooring business will be affected by some of the events. State Forestry Administration Nanjing wood floor (wood-based panel) quality monitoring station owners Huanghe wave in an interview with reporters last night, said the province now has nearly 400 wood flooring business,wpc plastic extruders cost mainly concentrated in the Soviet Union and Wuxi, and some concentrated in the Yixing area of ??bamboo flooring processing industry, Nanjing, there are seven or eight wood flooring </p>

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