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floor for many years

<p>production enterprises, with the international advanced level of more than 20 heroic production line. Henglin has become the country to strengthen the wood flooring industry's largest production capacity,<a href=''>lowe s railing fencing</a> the largest variety of varieties, supporting the strongest collaboration, the best production base of agglomeration effect. Has made a special trip to Italy to study the industry cluster of Shanghai Furniture Research Institute deputy director,composite plastic cleaners "furniture" magazine editor Professor Xu Meiqi, to the cross-site visits, repeatedly sigh, early know that there is such a scale of industrial clusters, why should it far away. In the domestic market to achieve </p>
<p>fruitful results at the same time, Henglin flooring from 2002 to open up the international market, exports covering the United States, Canada, Britain, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong and other 29 countries and regions,<a href=''>hog wire deck railing instructions</a> with self-employed import and export business 30 enterprises. "This year the export should be in the 1.2 to 150 million US dollars." Yu Zhongqing mayor told us confidently. Or return to the Expo Pavilion, Yingda, Yu Rongguang, Mei Ting,rectangle above ground pool with decking Anita Yuen and other four films appear, once again caused a sensation at the show site. They are not to visit, and today they have a new "identity" - Henglin floor brand image spokesperson. </p>
<p>Jiangsu Luoyi Wood Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kailai Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Changzhou Yulan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and a number of horizontal forest floor brand display site, star and brand side by side, indicating the future of the forest floor .<a href=''>how to make angle cuts with railing</a> "We are Bid for next year's ninth session of the Expo, if possible, but also want to let this show settled in the floor for many years. "Fu Feng,plastic boat flower boxes on cape cod mall then once again confirmed the pride of the people.Guangzhou, China, India, Iran and other more than 10 national businessmen respected, product orders broke through the 2.3 million US dollars in one fell swoop, become a new product from the United States, </p>

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