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Association of flooring

<p>throughout the exhibition. By more than 100 enterprises, occupy the floor booth nearly half of the horizontal forest floor brand to its cluster advantage, so that the floor sector "big" dwarfs.<a href=''>diy pergola kit composite</a> Changzhou people know that cross-Lin, Changzhou people have heard of most of the cross-forest floor, but people can not think of is, Henglin floor in the industry's reputation is much higher than in Changzhou's reputation is much higher. Jiangsu Province, chairman of the Association of flooring, honorary chairman of the Changzhou City Association of flooring Fu Feng has boasted:infared grill composite decking no cross-Lin participation in the floor exhibition is certainly unsuccessful </p>
<p>exhibition. Indeed, last year, Wang Lin strengthen the annual output of wood flooring has more than 150 million square meters, the domestic market share of 45%,<a href=''>discounted composite fencing 6x5 pickets only</a> as the country to strengthen the wood flooring industry worthy of the leading boss. Five years ago, China was a purely consumable consumer of wood flooring. With the rise of horizontal forest floor, China has become the largest exporter in the world.composite wood deck boards san antonio Production and processing of the floor, it is inseparable from the wood. Weng Lin no water, no fields, wood industry, why the floor industry alone in this "congenitally deficient" place surging? Some people jokingly said that the forest </p>
<p>is born with a floor edge, a single name of it: horizontal forest covered in the ground, that is, the floor. Jokes into jokes, horizontal forest floor industry, <a href=''>install banister on flat floor</a>the rise of the development of the road, in fact, a market economy is the inevitable way, is the courage to test the water market, the decision makers bold innovation results. Henglin "floor group army" started from 1999. As the then famous national computer console production base, that year, with a keen insight into the market and rich experience in the cross-Lin, began to focus on more than 200 cities,patio furniture baton rouge more than 4,000 people to play a greater role in the marketing network, and The console </p>

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