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<p>advanced quality management methods to guide enterprises to take the road of quality and efficiency. Up to now, the East Branch has dispatched 218 staff service personnel,<a href="">decorative plastic that looks like wood</a><br/> inspections found that a total of 41 units of more than 200 units of equipment (license), the license processing and filing procedures for a total of 37 enterprises, quality inspectors no qualification certificate Enterprises 45, the implementation of the standard products without paper text a total of 20 enterprises, not for the production license to relocation procedures 2,ugly concrete deck solutions the system certificate expired a business, no test or undocumented factory vehicles more than 300 Taiwan </p>
<p>, In addition to special equipment in the communication convergence,<a href=''>Wood Plastic Composite Cladding Idaho</a><br/> 90% of other matters have been properly resolved. In the next step, the quality supervision department will refine the quality management work, improve the long-term management, dynamic management mechanism, improve the effectiveness of supervision, quality products to ensure the quality of the demonstration area continued to be stable.barn flooring composite Brand gathered in the eighth China International Ground Materials and Pavement Technology Exhibition, Henglin floor has become the most dazzling bright spot. More than 80 flooring booths, Henglin occupied 38, the advantages of </p>
<p>industrial clusters so that every visitor attention ... ... March 28, Shanghai New International Expo Center. The 8th China International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition kicked off here.<a href="">vinyl handrail systems</a><br/> Occupy the entire exhibition hall of the floor of the floor has become a domestic and foreign flooring manufacturers compete with the stage: both international giants Kono, Berry Group, Belgium Vnilin, etc .; also domestic Dell Group, Oude,four foot square deck Anxin and nature and other famous enterprises. But these big names in a man's reputation is far less than their "army" in front of overshadowed - Changzhou Henglin! China Henglin! Henglin famous </p>

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