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How to prevent counterattack from breaking?

No matter how good the quality of equipment will be in the process of work due to various reasons caused failure, thereby affecting the production process, only work in the process of effective prevention work may help the cone fault can be very good to break the normal work, the following is to introduce how to prevent back breaking work fault in the process.

All parts of back breaking operating personnel must be familiar with the machine in the work process, pay attention to the causes of some common problems, it can prevent the crushing equipment accident problems one after another, which can make the normal operation of the Limestone Quarry Crusher Equipment , improve work efficiency.

In recent years, the production technology of counterattack crushing equipment has been constantly updated, and the performance of different series of equipment is gradually improved. But a good machine needs regular maintenance and maintenance to make it more efficient.

For example, some counterattack, because the use of the environment will appear excessive dust phenomenon, operators do not pay much attention to the maintenance of the crusher, so there will be a lot of problems in operation. Therefore, to prevent machine failure, do a good job in the daily maintenance of crusher, we need to pay attention to the following points:

The first point is the iron removal device, that is to say, the counterattack needs a iron removing device, which can prevent the crushing chamber from having excessive iron. If the machine frequently goes over the iron, it will break the axle. Then, for full load production. The reason for full load production is to meet production requirements and avoid excessive product particles.

Then a uniform feeding, this is related to the technical problems of the operator. As a result of counter crushing equipment uniform feeding, can improve the production capacity of the machine. Of course, if the uneven feeding phenomenon, it will result in too large product size. In the crushing equipment running at a certain time, may carry out inspection and proper maintenance of equipment, so that equipment has been maintained above in the running state of a better, we can obtain better productivity and product quality.

The above article is how to counterattack broken fault prevention work in the process of the problem, do these preventive measures can effectively reduce the equipment downtime and maintenance frequency, help increase equipment efficiency, so as to better serve the production line.

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