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How to make the rapid development of jaw crusher?

Mining enterprises need to make a long-term plan for their products, so that they will continue to promote their own development. As an important part of mine crushing equipment, jaw Quarry Crusher is often used in conjunction with counter crusher and sand maker, so as to realize the crushing and crushing of various ores.
How to make the jaw crusher develop rapidly?
1, the need for the existing jaw crusher structure was improved, improve the convenience of crushing capacity and equipment for hard ore crusher maintenance, JC European version of SBM new type jaw crusher with superior cavity design: symmetric " V" cavity type design, elbow in large angle, large stroke, reasonable speed, the feed size of larger, higher yield, more uniform particle size, reduce the wear of jaw plate.
2, the heavy jaw: heavy moving jaw jaw assembly heavy eccentric shaft, high quality heavy forging rolling bearing, finite element software optimization, ensure the jaw assembly impact resistance and high stability; labyrinth seal and centralized lubrication system guarantees the bearing grease is not contaminated, lubrication is more convenient, the running time is longer and more stable.
Size 3, convenient adjustment, enabling customers to use more efficient: the use of mechanical or hydraulic discharge opening adjusting device, the double wedge adjusting mode corresponding pad adjustment operation is more simple, safe and quick, save downtime.
4, in order to meet the needs of the market and customers to integrate with international trend of machinery industry, energy saving and efficient production concept, jaw crusher is a series of standardized, large-scale development, and adhere to technological innovation, technological innovation, service innovation, out of a suitable for their own development path of innovation, share market share.
There is still a big gap between our country's jaw crusher and the advanced crusher technology in developed countries, and there is still a long way to go. Planning the future development trend of jaw crusher is of great significance to improve the overall competitiveness of the company. Shanghai SBM as a leading manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment, will continue to develop new jaw crusher technology, and promote their own development.

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