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Aluminum metallized film has better electrical conductivity

1. Features
Under high vacuum environment, evaporate the high purity metallic aluminium and deposited it on the surface of the electric PP and PET film and form the electrode. Compared with Al-Zn film, aluminum metallized film has better electrical conductivity, and stronger anti-corrosion to the atmosphere, which is easy to store for a long time.

2. Applications
It is widely used for the production of all metallic film capacitors in household appliances and energy-saving electric appliances.

3. Package
Foam spacer is used between every alu metallized and finished film that are packed in plastic bags with dry agent. After sealing, it is packed with cartons, baled and stacked on pallet whose size is 1140*1140. The packing carton is stacked on the alley (max. 4 layers of the stack). The plastic thin film is twisted to the cartons to avoid powder, particle and moisture.

4. Storage
Storage condition: It should be stored without sunlight, heat or any forms of impact in a dry place, and the environment temperature should be no more than 30℃ and relative humidity ≤65%.  Guarantee period: 180 days for aluminum finished film;

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