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Henglin floor enterprises to further strengthen

<p>implementation of the "science and education" strategy to promote the sustainable development of the town, and developed a scientific and technological innovation incentives.<a href=''>building pool deck</a> Such as the year identified the provincial high-tech products each reward 10,000 yuan; then identified high-tech enterprises were reward 50,000 yuan; then identified the provincial, national engineering research and development (technology) center reward 20,000 yuan, 30,000 Yuan; then access to the invention of the patent license of each reward enterprise 5,000 yuan; enterprises then bear the national torch, wood plastic composite fence panelSpark, 863 project project award 30,000 yuan and so on. </p>
<p>And vigorously promote the protection of intellectual property rights policies and knowledge, enhance the technical staff, business operators of independent innovation and intellectual property protection awareness,<a href=''>intergrain reviva china</a> improve the use of intellectual property rights, the ability to compete and level. At the same time, Henglin floor enterprises to further strengthen the cooperation with the Nanjing Forestry University and other research institutes,lowes white fence decking the establishment of post-doctoral mobile workstations, to step up their own research and development of independent patents and alternative technologies, with scientific research and innovation to cope with </p>
<p>heavy barriers. At present, the Changzhou Flooring Association in the "service enterprises, standardize the industry, the development of industry" under the premise of doing a good job of innovation. <a href=''>wood plastic composite stowage</a>In the "China to strengthen the wooden floor of the town", "China's laminate flooring export base", "China's laminate flooring capital", "national high-quality laminate flooring production demonstration zone",slip resistant flooring "Jiangsu Province export floor industry cluster supervision demonstration area "And" Jiangsu Province, textile products (flooring) export base "and a series of honors on the basis of Henglin Town, actively declare the" National Torch Plan </p>

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