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flooring Shen Ming that the crisis gave birth

<p>United States a group of internationally renowned enterprises stationed in the cross. Now in Henglin Town, has formed a more than 400 floor production and supporting enterprises of industrial clusters,<a href="">private durable fence</a><br/> the annual production capacity of 180 million square meters, the domestic market share of 45 percent, sales network covering more than 300 large and medium cities, and Exports to the United States, Canada and other 149 countries and regions,exterior tile wood paneling termite proof  China's largest flooring export base. Crisis of continuous innovation and innovation is the constant development and expansion of the power source, Changzhou City, chairman of the Association </p>
<p>of flooring Shen Ming that the crisis gave birth to the innovation of the floor,<a href=''>attach u shaped post bracket to concrete video</a> only to speed up and increase technological innovation in order to make the forest floor industry through the storm, challenge. Some people use the "cold winter" to describe the 2005 floor industry. This year, the United States and some Western countries to anti-dumping, patent investigation and other names to the Chinese flooring industry a major attack. In January 2006, the flooring industry has not yet clear the sky,[url= ]Porch Composite Railing Ideas[/url] 337 lock patent infringement investigation began to take a number of enterprises as the representative of the Chinese enterprises brave to respond to the </p>
<p>case, but still suffered unfair treatment, and ultimately lost the case, The US International Commission is not allowed to export any locks to the US by Chinese companies. Then, Canada,<a href="">composite garden walls panel uk</a> Turkey and other countries on the Chinese floor to carry out anti-dumping, countervailing investigation, the Chinese flooring enterprises to actively respond, Henglin town two companies also bravely accepted the Canadian officials of the field investigation,Interlocking Outdoor Tiles these officials in the cross-Lin enterprises one by one Site inspection thoroughly, and finally, Henglin's 12 export enterprises to win the victory. 337 after the investigation, Henglin town to speed up the </p>

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