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services to the flooring enterprises

<p>Center, Henglin town government will be more than 300 million new building free of charge to provide Associations and productivity promotion centers. At present, the center has independent office space 2680m2,<a href=''>teak and holly vinyl flooring ebay</a> the purchase of the United States TABER wear-resistant instrument, the United States INSTRON double column desktop universal testing machine, Taiwan Jufu programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine and other advanced testing equipment 58 sets,buy high performance outdoor decking laboratory, laboratory Room, training centers and other readily available, and has an academician, Dr.-based research team. The center has successfully enabled </p>
<p>the information center, testing center and training center three function centers. Information Center has built a large professional website Henglin floor network,<a href="">outside deck skirting kits</a> the establishment of the domestic flooring industry's first Chinese and foreign patent database for the industry enterprises to build a dedicated information platform. In order to provide better services to the flooring enterprises, Henglin Town Government and Changzhou City Flooring Association also joint city and district technical quality supervision departments,exterior wood hand railings set up in the town of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, floor quality supervision and inspection center, Changzhou City </p>
<p>Administrative Approval Center The approval window extends to the town of Henglin. <a href="">tongue and groove western red cedar fencing grades</a><br/>In addition, the government has also signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Nanjing Forestry University, Jiangsu Province, set up a new sheet metal engineering and technology research center, Changzhou City, product quality supervision and inspection of the floor furniture quality inspection center also settled in Henglin. Superior industrial environment, creating a cross-forest flooring characteristics of industrial agglomeration,plastic boat flooring material not only greatly stimulate the local private entrepreneurs entrepreneurial enthusiasm, but also attracted Germany, the </p>

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