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PVC floor daily maintenance

Plastic flooring is another name for PVC flooring, also known as PVC sports plastic floor flooring. The main ingredient for the PVC material, PVC flooring can be made of two, one is homogeneous through the heart, that is, from the bottom to the surface of the pattern material is the same. There is also a compound type, that is, the top layer is pure PVC transparent layer, the following plus the printing layer and foam layer. Although the processing of high-quality plastic Best Floor Build , but still pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance.

In the handling of furniture and equipment, in the transport route need to add buffer cushion, not directly on the floor drag. To prevent scratches on the ground, do not wear shoes with nails on the ground, if conditions permit, put on soft shoes as much as possible. Furniture and equipment between the foot and the floor placed cushion. The cushion size is slightly larger than the base size. Always pay attention to avoid hard or sharp appliances, fall on the floor , to avoid damage to the floor. best patio floor options

Plastic floor cleaning, should use a soft neutral detergent, warm water wipe, can not use strong acid or alkali cleaning the floor. Use organic solvents to handle the floor, be careful. Adhesive chewing gum on the floor dirt, plastic bags can be wrapped in water, frozen in the refrigerator ice, and then the ice on the chewing gum, so that cooling hardened, and then carefully scrape off. wood plastic composite resin

In order to reduce the wear on the surface of the plastic floor, to extend the life of the floor, to keep the ground clean and beautiful, need to conduct a thorough cleaning, waxing, maintenance. Generally 1 - 2 months once. Plastic floor, can not directly contact the heat source, not on the floor placed above 60 ℃ high temperature items, such as electric kettle and so on. Free to discard the cigarette butts, if not completely extinguished, will leave traces of burns on the floor.Plastic flooring sprinkled with ink, oil, etc., to timely treatment, daily cleaning available detergent powder, soapy water, remove stains. Encountered more difficult to remove the stains, do not use 100 Jie silk polished, need to find professionals in a timely manner to remove of above ground pools with decks around it

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