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wood flooring companies have sprung up in the cross-Lin

<p>achieve industrial transformation Strengthen the wood flooring as a "exotic", because the expensive worth restraining its rapid development in China, but it has also been welcomed by some young consumer groups.<a href=''>pvc wainscoting ceiling panels</a> Originally in Beijing Zhongguancun battles of the cross-Lin Cuiqiao people, listen to Zhongguancun experts, this is a new, environmentally friendly, wood-saving and very practical ground pavement materials, promising,wooden fence singapore pricing analyst and immediately use their own open market network, sales Played this new product. In 1999, Changzhou City, Lee Lee Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. to become the first production of Lam Fung Lam floor wood </p>
<p>business. That year, the town has done two to strengthen the wood flooring business, the introduction of two paste production lines and five slotted production lines,<a href=''>horse fencing calculator</a> the annual output of 100,000 square meters. In the next few years, the strengthening of wood flooring companies have sprung up in the cross-Lin, with their varieties of more varieties, the specifications of the whole model, the main industry supporting Qi, the market network of wide competitive advantage, the rapid growth of local pillar industries. In order to avoid disorderly competition,vinyl porch railing systems Fuqiang Fuyou flooring industry, Henglin town developed a scientific and rational industrial </p>
<p>planning, relatively concentrated in the flooring business in the Cuiqiao area set up a flooring industrial park, through the effective guidance of industrial parks, <a href=''>composite deck railing 2x4</a>enterprises quickly formed professional Division of labor, with differentiated products to participate in market competition. "Only work together, the five fingers into a boxing, shot only powerful." Henglin town party secretary Xu Yuexing tone firmly told reporters. June 2003,hollow to floor measurement mean length of response Changzhou City Association of flooring came into being at the same time set up the first industry in Changzhou City Productivity Promotion Center - Changzhou City, the new decorative plate Productivity Promotion </p>

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