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FIFA 17: EA is getting torn to shreds for Ultimate Team selectio

FIFA gamers are not happy with EA right right now.

The company, which kicked off your FIFA 17 FUTTIES Ultimate Team promotion last week, has come under fire over the return of ‘Favourite Squad Building Challenges’ (SBCs).
It was promised why these would be returning, allowing gamers to yet again try and snap way up a boosted player card therefore.
But now, it seems, the reward will become a loan player - which will only be available for a brief period of time.
Unsurprisingly, it’s caused a huge backlash on social media marketing - both on Twitter plus the FIFA sub-reddit.
One fan wrote about the sub-reddit: “It is just definitely strange. Who would want personal loan players anyway, especially at this point on the game.
“I’m not mad because I didn’t really prefer to do many anyway, but I’m just genuinely confused on which they were thinking. ”
Another added: “It would be another thing if loan players experienced chemistry with everyone similar to legend do. That way you can fit a fantastic loan player into your own existing squad temporarily.
“But at this point inside game we all probably have a whole lot invested in our existing squads, it seems ridiculous to develop a new squad around a new player who you will solely have temporarily. ”
FUTTIES are special give in-form cards chosen through the community of FIFA people. The promotion lasts six weeks and may see 30 players have a pink card across 10 groups.
The players with one of the most amount of votes in the category will be awarded a unique FUT card with upgraded stats.
Chris Smalling was announced as the winner of the CB vote earlier within the week.

So, how can I get my face to face a pink card?

Firstly, you’re going to need to complete a FUTTIES Nomination SBC. By doing this, you will get a new pink FUTTIES Nominee piece with base stats with the player you voted with regard to.
The player with the most completed Nomination SBCs will certainly win each category.
The FUTTIES Winner item will then be made available using boosted stats. It’ll feature a platinum trim to signify their accomplishment in a very separate Winner SBC.
You then need to complete this to find the card.
The cards are untradeable, so you won’t have the ability to buy them from the marketplace.

How much of an increase do players usually receive?

According to fan site FIFAuteam. ratings and attributes from the FIFA 17 FUTTIES cards are usually boosted by ‘one or even two points’, compared with their past TOTW/MOTM/iMOTM/Hero cards.

Is anything going to occur to the market?

FUTTIES are untradeable so that they won’t affect the current market.
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