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advanced technology of construction waste crusher

Our powder construction waste crusher by the domestic and foreign advanced technology, efficient construction waste crusher and combined with the actual situation of domestic production and the development of sand industry. It combines the cleaning, dewatering, grade three functions, reduce the related equipment investment, high cost performance. The amount of processing it, up to a maximum of 180/ hours, can satisfy most customer needs washing sand.

It adopts a new structural design, the impeller transmission bearing device is separated from water and materials to avoid bearing for soaking, sand and pollutants caused damage of the phenomenon, the failure rate is lower than the market of similar products, is the leader of the domestic powder construction waste crusher. Therefore, in addition to apply to the sand industry, has been widely used in metallurgy, building materials, water and electricity industries washing, grading, impurity removal operation.

If you want to improve the mechanism of sand quality, the complete removal of the stone powder, clay powder, powder sand washing machine is the best choice for you. We also provide all kinds of high quality of mining machinery equipment. Welcome to contact with us, let us products and services brought considerable benefits for you.

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