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environmental protection floor choose and buy

<p>A lot of families can choose a floor decorate the ground, it is especially in bedroom and children room, the application of the floor is more wide. Besides noticing to choose good floor board,Sevilla patio tiles style design of a few complementary makings such as glue of the line that play a base, floor it is very important also to choose. Warn customer, choose the environmental protection that floor plank should pay close attention to not only when the floor, notice all sorts of complementary makings environmental protection even. </p>
<p>Skirting board: Material is very important</p>
<p>The capable person with at present common skirting board has PVC, density character beaverboard, multilayer plywood a few kinds. Among them PVC material is qualitative won't send out formaldehyde,price of decking per metre singapore compare safety relatively. Also exist on the market nevertheless with reclaim the inferior PVC skirting board that material makes, although quality of a material is more fragile not durable, but do not pollute an environment. Density board kind skirting board should choose density as far as possible tall,cover concrete patio with wood decking the skirting board with a few low price, low density is very possible formaldehyde exceeds bid. Multilayer the skirting board of plywood is put possibly also in same question. To skirting board, still do not have unified manufacturing level at present, but if be the skirting board with plank qualitative material, can consult the uniform standard of plank. </p>
<p>Ground mat: Paper of careful aluminum foil</p>
<p>The capable person that the ground pays is expanded plastics commonly character, the shop basically has amortize, moistureproof effect below the floor, itself does not have noxiousness. But a few businessmen added paper of an aluminum foil to regard as again on white bubble mat sell a site, if such ground mat price is very low, what its use consumer need vigilance is sterling aluminum foil paper, because the cost itself of aluminum foil paper is not low. More important is, aluminum foil and bubble are stuck if the gum that when mixing,best price wood decking in sweden uses is unqualified, probable meeting sends out the harmful substance that gives and so on of cresol, 2 cresol. </p>
<p>When proposal consumer is choosing the ground to fill up for avoid risk, choose white not to add the ground pad of aluminum foil as far as possible. If chose to have the ground mat of aluminum foil, can fill up furled ground before installation lift, wen Wen has excitant taste, if have, must reject to use. </p>
<p>Floor glue: Read a report carefully</p>
<p>The floor gum that uses in extending outfit process has tie of corresponding state level, the product that should select regular brand only won't appear commonly problem. Consumer is buying floor glue or list via often can encountering a businessman when other product attestation of multifarious environmental protection system and quality system attestation, but these attestation can have the capacity that produces eligible product on behalf of the factory only, the each product that does not state this factory is produced is eligible. So the qualitative check of the product reports ability is the validdest proof of product quality. </p>
<p>And how seeing qualitative check report also have knack, consumer can ask the businessman shows the near future to be the same as the qualitative check report of batch product first, every qualitative check reports (include Xerox) home page the reverse side should imprint have issue detect the phone of report orgnaization, pass the true bogus that the phone can inquire to qualitative check reports. </p>
<p>Small make up summary: Complementary makings basically includes ground mat, skirting board, doorway to buckle, floor of choose and buy not only the quality that should see a floor, should pay attention to a floor more the quality of complementary makings and environmental protection sex. </p>

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