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wood flooring the largest

<p>strengthen the extension of the industrial chain,<a href=''>galvanized roof panels 10 ft</a> enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, continue to feature in the national flooring area to strengthen the production and marketing of wood flooring the largest and largest export volume of the first cluster status. At the same time, Henglin will take the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries as an opportunity to start the new industry multiplication plan to accelerate enterprise science and technology innovation, expand the scale of enterprises, focusing on promoting new materials manufacturing,plastic decking material for boats electronic information manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, new energy and </p>
<p>environmental protection , Biomedical and medical equipment,<a href=''>wood plastic composite in malaysia company</a> the development of the five major industries. Relying on leading enterprises to support a number of new industries of enterprises, cultivate a number of high, refined, technical and technical level of leading new materials superior product group, and strive to 2012, Henglin emerging industry industrial output value of more than 13.5 billion yuan, accounting for the whole Town industrial economy total more than 45%.recycled paper panel design For the introduction of five new industry incubators during the year to complete the 4 at the end of science and technology docking, the successful declaration of two high-tech </p>
<p>enterprises to help Shuangjin Electronics, Bell Wood and Rocky Wood Group formed a company to expand the scale of enterprises. In addition to encourage enterprises to actively declare the city well-known trademarks,<a href=''>cost of fencing in thailand</a> famous trademarks, brand-name products, etc., to improve the visibility of enterprises, to 2012, and strive to cultivate three billion enterprises 3, 5-10 billion enterprises 5, foster 1-5 billion enterprises 52 Home, and further promote the cross to achieve industrial agglomeration, business gathering, intensive use of resources, enhance the overall economic strength. Recently,balcony wood decking singapore diy itinerary the country's first flooring industry cluster </p>

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