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national flooring industry innovation

<p>industry standards, a national flooring industry innovation leader.<a href=''>Outdoor Fence Price Hong Kong</a><br/> 2005 to 2008, for four consecutive years the national supervision and inspection pass rate of 100%, there are two export-free products, 11 national Mianjian products, five trademarks were identified as well-known trademarks in China, 9 products won the brand-name products in Jiangsu Province , Nine enterprises to become the provincial export classification management one or two enterprises. inground pools installed pricesGuo Zhixian said that this year, Henglin flooring industry also encountered a "growing trouble", a variety of unfavorable factors superimposed, test the business and government to </p>
<p>cope with the wisdom of complex market changes. Next, the horizontal forest floor industry will strengthen the quality of management at the same time, the funds and energy on the marketing network,<a href=''>solid composite marine panels</a> technological innovation and brand promotion, and comprehensively promote the integration within the industry, the formation of 2-3 over 10 billion large enterprise groups, The formation of a new competitive advantage.6ft high by 8ft long vinyl fence with lattice top At the same time entrusted to the State Council Economic Development Research Center Market Research Institute prepared a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan of cross-forest flooring industry service area, enhance the industrial </p>
<p>level, enhance core competitiveness. (Reporter Yao Hui) Following the award of national scientific and technological progress second prize, Jiangsu Luogi wood has become the first cross-Lin;<a href=''>Outdoor Bench Replacement Wood Slats</a><br/> well-known trademarks in China; and participation in the National Science and Technology Progress Award The development of national standards of enterprises, for China to strengthen the wood floor of the capital; add a brilliant. ;cattle fences that is 2 foot In 2010 we completed sales of 330 million yuan output value, this year we will invest more than 30 million, mainly for strengthening the floor, straw flooring, pcv plastic flooring and other products R & D and enhance the </p>

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