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Superfine grinding machine for calcium carbonate

Superfine  Ore Milling Equipment  has the mechanical properties of crushing, milling, impact and so on. It has important application value in non-metallic mineral such as calcium carbonate, calcite, limestone, bentonite, graphite and so on. As we all know, the maintenance and maintenance of machine equipment is very necessary for improving the service life of equipment. Then, what are your brilliant ideas for the maintenance measures of calcium carbonate ultrafine grinding machines?

1, clean up milling machine, milling machine and accessories will clean up the body, and grinding ring, roller, motor, belt, gear connection and so on, all can clean up the place should be clean. The purpose of this is to find out if there are any loopholes and do all the "body" checks.

2, in the milling machine cleaning process should pay attention to find each connection parts of the bolt is complete, whether or not loose, lost, loose fastening, lost filled.
3, the superfine powder mill equipment failure as a form, from easy to difficult, one by one to exclude, can not repeat the same fault, especially the safety problems, must be excluded.
4, after milling machine troubleshooting, it is necessary to maintain the whole machine, lubrication points to butter, according to the specifications requirements, the replacement of lubricating oil, gear oil, etc..
5, after the maintenance, the equipment will be placed in a flat and solid site, conditional parking in a dedicated hangar.

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