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Sprinkle the difference between stainless steel and copper

Sprinkle the difference between stainless steel and copper1, stainless steel sprinkler healthier stainless steel chemical composition does not lead, will not release toxic and harmful substances, will not pollute the water, does not affect the human health, is environmentally friendly material; and stainless steel material can be acid and alkali, not Susceptible to corrosion, can be used for a long time. Copper faucet its chemical composition will contain more or less lead, long-term use will produce rust, which will pollute the shower with water, even if the lead-free copper, is not really lead-free, with a small amount of lead exist.304 stainless steel sheet&coil2, stainless steel shower performance better stainless steel shower in the production do not need to go through the plating, to the need to polish can maintain a bright appearance, use ten years or even twenty or thirty years still can remain shiny, like the new, and Never rusty. If it is copper shower, you need to go through the electroplating, electroplating layer according to the quality of plating quality, thickness, will gradually fall off, after a few years will reveal the original copper, easy to rust.scrap steel exports,scrap steel prices3, stainless steel shower maintenance easier stainless steel shower daily maintenance is relatively simple, with dirty can be directly cleaned with clean water and wire ball, the more rub the bright as new as new. The copper shower will need to pay attention to the plating layer, can not use clean water, will corrode the plating layer, can not use a hard towel, wire ball, will scratch the plating layer. However, with the plating process is mature, copper shower of the electroplating layer has become more durable.Hot selling 308L stainless steel welding wire4, stainless steel shower is more beautiful stainless steel shower in appearance more in line with modern aesthetic standards, its long time as new luster and metallic sense, more fashionable. Copper shower is the traditional commonly used shower, more classical flavor, most of the high-end shower, are used in copper.CHEAP STAINLESS STEEL SCRAP 304 310 316

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