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floor production 183 million square meters

<p>million cubic meters to 87 million cubic meters. <a href=''>epoxy flooring for outdoor patio</a>In 2011 the province's total forestry output value reached 229.1 billion yuan, ranked fifth in the country. Wood-based panel production 36.39 million cubic meters, production accounted for 17.4% of the country, ranking second, floor production 183 million square meters, production accounted for 29% of the country, ranking first in the country. Yesterday, Jiangsu Senmao Wood Industry Co., Ltd.advantages of composite paneling factory opened in Zhangzhu Town, which marks the city of bamboo deep processing of a new "new force."... City leaders Xu Lifu, Zhou Zhongping, Yang Yajun, Juan Songjian wait until the scene to </p>
<p>congratulate. September last year, groundbreaking, a total investment of 60 million yuan, with an annual output of bamboo, wood flooring up to 1.2 million square meters scale Jiangsu Senmao Zhu Wood Co., Ltd.,<a href=''>plastic manufacturing pollution</a> make full use of hilly mountain abundant wood resources, and actively introduce the world's most advanced Germany Hao milling line, Taiwan Feng Qiao paint coating line bamboo, wood flooring dedicated production equipment,covered deck on mobile home just a few months, has developed a solid bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring, solid wood flooring, antique flooring and so on. Approved the market popular high-quality flooring products, exports of the </p>
<p>United States, South Korea, Italy and other foreign markets, a strong drive to the local agricultural resources development and farmers income. July 1, the United States under the relevant provisions of the United States law,<a href=''>hard plastic platforms and stairs</a> from a number of companies (including 17 Chinese companies) of the composite wood flooring import and sales, filed 337 investigation, said the above enterprises infringe their patents. If the allegations are established,composite railings on a wood deck the United States will ban the company's composite wood flooring exports to the United States and sales in the United States. Under normal circumstances, the United States will start within 30 days 337 </p>

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