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wood-based panels

<p>the ninth China Forest Products Fair held in Heze City,<a href=''>modern hog panel fence</a> Shandong Province. Jiangsu wood-based panels, flooring, furniture, etc. in the second Linbo won the gold medal of the product debut debut Lin Fair, a major highlight of the show. The forest trade association is sponsored by the State Forestry Administration and the Shandong Provincial People's Government, the China Forestry Industry Association, the China Forestry Industry Association, the Shandong Provincial Forestry Department,built in bench patio construction deck over flat the Shandong Provincial CCPIT and the Heze Municipal People's Government. Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangxi and other 18 provinces (autonomous </p>
<p>regions and municipalities),<a href=''>build a fence panel</a> Daxinganling four forest groups and four exhibition cities and 17 cities in Shandong Province unified organization exhibitors. More than 630 exhibitors, the total number of booths to 840. Exhibition exhibits, including wood building materials, wood crafts, furniture, nursery stock, forestry machinery, and other top ten categories on the 10,000 varieties. According to statistics, the current forest exchange in Jiangsu Museum of the number of visits to 180,000 people, signed an initial amount of investment and sales agreement 80 million yuan.veranda fence gate installation Jiangsu 4 kinds of products won the ninth forest fair gold medal, two kinds of </p>
<p>products won the Excellence Award. Jiangsu Provincial Forestry Bureau won the ninth special contribution of the Forest Fair, outstanding organization award and excellent design award.<a href=''>reviews on veranda composite decking 2017 return</a> Since 2002, Jiangsu forestry from resource cultivation to industrial processing have shown a strong development trend. Over the past decade, the province's new afforestation area of ??15.755 million mu, more than 35 years before the sum of afforestation.anti slip floor treatment india The province's forest area increased from 11.88 million mu in 2002 to 27.23 million mu in 2011, and the forest coverage increased from 11.36% to 21.2%. The total standing wood increased from 40.73 </p>

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