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beautiful the floor maintains method

<p>As a result of wooden floor Have wet go up the character of drying shrinkage, and summertime air temperature and humidity increase somewhat, plank one of 10 old brands be fond of floor thinks,  summer wooden floor maintains with dry give priority to, still should notice at the same time the following 6 big item: </p>
<p>Wooden floor summer maintains note 1, summer wants often ventilated, did not stay in the person's room especially, long-term sky place does not stay the person's room to appear the most easily an arch, roll edge phenomenon, must examine regularly so, ventilated. </p>
<p>Wooden floor summer maintains note 2, should retain a floor board dry, clean, the mop that does not allow to use a water pulls a floor board, or brush the ground with buck, suds, lest destroy paint surface burnish.  If board face is stained with smear to should keep clear of in time carelessly, if touch oil stains to be able to dip in with dishcloth,Wen Shui is reached a few washing powder is swabbed, if medicaments or dye, must be in smear did not try to keep clear of before infiltration woodiness surface layer, lest destroy a floor. </p>
<p>Wooden floor The summer maintains Note 3, avoid to brush the ground with wet mop everyday, it is beneficial with weekly, when brushing the ground, must twist water dry. When the room ground of wooden floor has dirt,  the shop should use cleaner to clear as far as possible. </p>
<p>Wooden floor summer maintains note 4, the room that the loafer that when summer bathes, wears should not wear floor having wood. After crossing period of time because of slipper, sole can wear away, engulf of the meeting when bathing is very much water,  a bag appears after the meeting when slipper is being worn to enter the room of floor having wood after bathing makes wooden floor absorbs the water inside slipper, roll edge phenomenon. </p><p>Wooden floor summer maintains note 5, summer is rainy, the room of the floor that spread wood should not close a window when the person, avoid water wringing floor causes needless loss. </p>
<p>Wooden floor summer maintains note 6, sauna weather is fuggy and damp, the floor has wriggle through the earth easily, should open a wet function of air conditioning at this moment, make indoor wet humidity falls, avoid to have wriggle through the earth. </p>
<p>When discovering wooden floor has the sign that has wriggle through the earth, must reach times to repair, do not wait for wooden floor arch to rise to sign up for very high again long. At the same time the place since arch does not want trample as far as possible, avoid to make notch damage cannot restore completely. </p>

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