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Linked automatically fermentor

BLBIO-15SJ-50SJ-4  is an experimental fermentation equipment, compact, easy to operate,  powerful, fermentation can meet a variety of purposes, such as batch,  fed-batch, or animal cell culture. Color touch screen display of all measured values and control parameters, which greatly facilitates the user's actions. Per  pot in front of the tank next to the control box installed four  peristaltic pump, to the fermentor can be added acids, bases, defoamers,  and the culture medium. Fermentation  of various parameters such as, pH, DO, temperature and speed can be  monitored by the controller, all the data and control parameters can be  passed to the controller or computer. Compact structure, the various components can be integrated on the fermentation system. The upper driver using direct coupling mechanical stirring or lower  driving indirectly coupled magnetic mechanical stirring manner, simple  structure, stable operation.

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