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In this countervailing investigation, the evidence submitted by Canada is our public information.Yi wei Shang wu ting fair trade officials noted that the Fan bu tie Di yi case has given us a deeper sense of the significance ofThe Government should as soon as possible to adapt to the promotion of economic development under international trade rules, for example, should encourage enterprises to improve the brand, the core competence of patent technologyDon't rely on support and protection;
In the process of investment, do not blindly rely on preferential policies such as tax credits, and to enhance the technical, human, and other aspects of innovation ability reserves.On the other hand, in the face of trade frictions such as anti-dumping and Fan bu tie, "Che piao"will certainly incur the highest punitive tariff.
Which leads to the same trade friction has spread to more countries and regions.This will be difficult to estimate the loss of the enterprise or the local economy.To improve the mechanism of cooperation between enterprises and enterprises should be the urgent matter.
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