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How to reduce wear of ring of ultrafine mill

The ring and a grinding roller of ultrafine mill is relatively easy to be wear parts. These two sections are usually directly exposed to hard ores. This will bring economic losses to the user. Of course, ultrafine mill parts can not avoid wearing parts, but we can take two protective measures to slow down wear rate. The following is a brief analysis of part of the cause of the wear of the fittings. Tell you how to reduce the wear of grinding roll and grinding ring.
Regular replacement of ultrafine grinding equipment parts will cause economic losses to users. Moreover, if it does not change, it will not meet the production requirements. This gives users endless trouble. Now, I will introduce two factors and methods to reduce wear of roll and ring.
If the material is treated with very high hardness, this will inevitably exacerbate the wear rate of the raymond mill parts and lead to premature parts of the equipment. In the production process, the user shall refer to the instructions and select the appropriate materials to ensure a reasonable working environment. If the material contains two more difficult to grind impurities, ultrafine grinding can not be grinding them, so that they continue to mill in the cycle of grinding, which will accelerate the speed of wear parts.
Material properties are important, but texture and texture of the workpiece is also critical. Grinding rings and rollers must be made of better quality steel. The wear rate of the poor steel parts is very fast, and maybe the users need to change it for 1-2 months. This will lead to economic losses to the user. Manganese steel is a suitable material for grinding and grinding rings. They can improve the use of equipment because of their special properties.

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