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Yang wood floor R & D project incentive

<p>complaints, anti-government subsidies and anti-dumping complaints.<a href=''>best materials for replacing wood decking in tracker boats</a>  Changzhou City Floating Association Secretary-General Wu Xiaodong told reporters that the country to participate in the case of no damage to the Changzhou City Flooring Association and Zhejiang, Guangdong, two companies, a total of 360,000 yuan without complaint charges, the Changzhou floor Association on the 30 million yuan.November 1, 2011, in the Shun Yang Group's flooring company Jiangsu Shengyu Flooring Co., Ltd.ultradeck decking endcap held a special workshop on the poplar floor, the meeting decided to set up Yangmu floor R & D team, introduced a positive incentive policy, </p>
<p>Yang licensing poplar series of flooring. November 1 at 4:30 pm, Yang wood flooring symposium held in Jiangsu Shengyu Flooring Co., Ltd., the meeting was chaired by Mr. Ge Jian,<a href=''>attaching horizontal fence posts to concrete</a>  general manager of the company. At the meeting decided to set up Yangmu floor R & D institutions, set up to the Ministry of production, quality control as the core of the R & D team, set up by the general manager responsible for the procurement team to ensure that the Yangmu floor R & D project supplies;white composite fencing set up by the general manager Responsible for the poplar floor sales team; the meeting also clearly requires the company office to use the network, electricity (as) </p>
<p>Taiwan, newspapers and magazines and other channels, and vigorously promote the poplar floor, publicity Xiangyang licensing green poplar series of flooring.<a href="">cost of building stairs on a deck</a>  The meeting also introduced the Yang wood floor R & D project incentive program. Group Chairman and President Mr. Ge Shunhe attended an important speech. Chairman of the board asked the R & D team to make full use of China's poplar town, China's green sheet base of these unique advantages,interior waterproof decking threshold to develop Yangmu solid wood flooring, E0 grade poplar wood flooring, eclectic, bold innovation, and strive to come up with results in six months, Developed a series of poplar flooring </p>

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