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The difference between aluminum and stainless steel in space

The difference between aluminum and stainless steel in space1. The advantages of space aluminum: space aluminum material is an environmentally friendly, non-fading, high-cost metal, nearly a decade has been widely used in home furnishings series of products, especially the space aluminum pendant to become a modern home kitchen pendant new trend, with Not rust, do not fade, environmental protection, durability and so on, is one of the decoration of the boutique, environmental protection than the average copper bathroom supplies even better, no oxidation than stainless steel is also good, while maintaining the appearance of bright yet solid Durable, affordable, a consumer favorite products.304 stainless steel sheet&coil Suitable for a variety of home improvement style, so you can feel some space aluminum pendant to bring you the fashion to enjoy. Fashion and watch, and known as "never rust", excellent materials, of course, at least 10 to 15 years to ensure that no rust.scrap steel exports,scrap steel prices2. Space aluminum shortcomings: space aluminum bathroom hardware pendant surface are matt, sub-light, there are many other colors, black, yellow, pink, can be deployed in the oxidation tank type of syrup to complete the color.JIS Standard SUS317L Stainless Steel pipe pipeAlthough fashion, but no electroplating chrome noble and beautiful. And the quality of space aluminum lighter, many like the texture of the bathroom hardware pendant friends may be on the space aluminum bathroom hardware pendant is not very fond of, and the space aluminum lighter, can not hang too heavy things.industrial scrap steel and manufacturing

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