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Wood Circulation Association flooring

<p>(self-heating) flooring. During this period with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to explore,<a href="">latest wood furniture designs</a> learn from each other, cooperation, learning advanced technology at home and abroad, and finally in 2011 launched Yitian far infrared (self-heating) flooring and put on the market. Society gradually progress, people's living standards are also improved, Yitian infrared (since the fever) floor makes "Dongnuanxialiang" has become a necessary condition for every household. free standing pool deck plansFar infrared (self-heating) the active carbon atoms in the floor under the action of the electric field, resulting in high-speed Brownian motion, resulting in far-infrared heat radiation. Non-</p>
<p>metallic materials, zero noise, combined with a number of energy-saving technology from the thermal floor of the consumer in line with the pursuit of healthy, environmentally friendly quality of life; and far-infrared can be, but also the quality of life, <a href="">above ground pools with retaining walls</a>Play the role of health care. Yitian Wood is committed to technological innovation and product upgrades, in new products, new technologies, new technology research and development spare no effort. This time with the China Wood Circulation Association flooring professional committee signed a cooperation,car decking tongue and groove preservative Norway since the completion of the development of hot floor R & D base is the industry experts, </p>
<p>associations on the recognition of the floor. I believe in the new situation, since the development of hot floor R & D base will help Yitian wood industry in the development of self-heating flooring industry,<a href=''>cheapest way to build patio on lawn</a> will also boost the geothermal flooring industry norms and mature. Yitian Wood Joint China Wood Circulation Association flooring professional committee jointly built from the hot floor R & D base,how to make a simple bench seat Yitian Wood will give Chinese families to bring more warm, more comfortable floor experience, and extend the enthusiasm of the attitude and quality of service feedback Consumers! China Forest Products Industry Association Zhang Senlin </p>

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