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color close to the real

This is mainly caused by the impact of sunlight on the visual floor color difference. Floor chromatic aberration is not a quality problem A certain color difference in the wood floor is naturally inevitable, which is determined by natural attributes, so when the country is in the process of formulating relevant standards,There is no demand for color difference.
So at the time of installation have a slight chromatism is a normal phenomenon. How to solve the problem of chromatic aberration? In order to avoid the real wood floor color difference is too big, to the overall beauty of the room, we will carry on the test pavement in the pavement.
At the same time in the process of the process of the transition gradually, the color close to the real Mu di ban, the rest can be laid down under the bed, the wardrobe and sofa can reduce the visual difference.Bamboo flooring is now more and more common in the decoration, but many people are not aware of the difference between the wood floor and other floor decoration materials.
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